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We are mystery shopping and customer experience experts. We help our clients provide excellent service to their customers and thus make their shopping a real pleasure!

We can help you to answer many questions such as:

  • How do your sales people (in your stores, branches, and call center) treat your customers?
  • Which of your stores is providing the best Customer Experience to your customers?
  • Do your sales people in all your locations follow the customer service standards (sales standards) your company has set?
  • Are your sales reps trying to close each sale proactively or do they only "give" the information to the customers?
  • Do your sales people have sufficient product/service knowledge?
  • Why do the customers leave your store without buying and what can you do about it?
  • Is it easy to find your store from the customer point of view?
  • How are your competitors doing in the above mentioned areas?
  • Other questions