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Mystery shopping

What is Mystery Shopping?

  • executive managers and decision makers can not be at every interaction with the customers but they can send professional shoppers
  • Mystery Shopping enables you to collect accurate intelligence from your front line sales people interactions with the customers
  • our trained professional shoppers go into your place of business and appear as average customers to evaluate the quality of service they receive
  • based on the pre defined scripts our trained shoppers monitor different aspects of their interaction with your sales people and then report on what they saw, heard and experienced
  • to receive unbiased and accurate data companies normally hire a professional Mystery Shopping agency to collect the data
  • we recommend our clients let their employees know there will be mystery shoppers coming to their store - in this way they will be always on their toes and motivated to provide superior customer service

If you would like to know more or are considering using our services please contact us, we will be happy provide you with more information and insight.
We are looking forward to helping you provide superior service to your customers!

How will Mystery Shopping benefit your company?

Mystery Shopping gives you unbiased, accurate, representative and timely feedback from your front line sales people interaction with your customers. You will receive valuable actionable information on which your strategic decisions can be made.

Mystery Shopping helps you to:

  • offer superior service to your customers
  • acquire more new customers
  • make your existing customers loyal
  • generate positive word-of-mouth from increased number of satisfied customers
  • support your brand
  • differentiate your company from competitors
  • make your sales process more effective
  • achieve your targets and increase your sales

Who is using Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is used by B2B and B2C trading companies, service providers and manufacturers who sell their products through chain locations and franchisors.

These companies are aware that an objective and regular evaluation of their customer service is essential for them to stay competitive.

Mystery Shopping is typically used by:

  • mobile network operators
  • supermarket/hypermarket chains
  • banks, insurance companies
  • gas stations
  • hotels
  • restaurants, fast food chains
  • car producers
  • travel agencies, air carriers
  • entertainment providers, movie theatres
  • retail clothing and specialty chains
  • other specialty chains

What exactly can we do for you?

  • Design the Mystery Shopping program tailored to your specific needs
  • Interact with your front line sales people (in your stores/branches, call centre, web sales) and collect the data in agreed upon format and time frame
  • Analyze and evaluate the collected data
    • identify strengths/weaknesses of your customer service
    • recommend steps leading to improvement of Customer Experience
  • Report the results
  • Monitor progress
    • measure improvements
  • Mystery shop your competitors (or other industry leaders)
    • to bring you the evaluation of their customer service
  • Support your training
    • facilitate creation of a tailor made training program together with your training agency
    • recommend potential training agencies

We will answer many of your questions such as:

  • Are your sales people following your Customer Service standards?
  • How often do your customers receive superior (or poor) service from your sales staff?
  • Do your sales people know your products (services) well?
  • Are your sales people trying to close the sale effectively or are they only informing the customers?
  • How are your sales people handling customers´ objections?
  • Are your sales people trying to up-sell / cross-sell? Are they using available sales tools?
  • What are the strongest and weakest points of your sales teams` interaction with customers?
  • Are your sales people able to communicate in foreign languages?
  • What are the training (coaching) needs of your sales personnel?
  • Are some of your stores or sales people better then the others in serving the customers?
  • What is your customer service performance in comparison to your competitors? What are their strong and weak points?
  • Is your sales process efficient and fast? How long does it take for a customer to make a purchase?
  • Is physical ambience of your stores pleasant (in line with our brand image)? Are the stores always clean?
  • Are your stores easy to find?
  • Is your merchandising program correctly implemented? Is the goods displayed the way it should be?