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Customer Satisfaction & other surveys

What is Customer Satisfaction survey?

  • to be able to increase loyalty of your customers and increase your market share your need to know how satisfied your customers
  • research has revealed that a dissatisfied customer tends to share his experience (related to brand/products/sales service) with more people than a satisfied one
  • it is important for every company to minimize the number of dissatisfied customers and curb the negative word of mouth
  • customers satisfaction needs to be monitored and measured on a regular basis

Customer Satisfaction survey gives companies in B2C and B2B markets evaluation of the service their sales people deliver to their customers as perceived by the customers.
It gives companies feedback on the satisfaction of their customers with the pre-purchase, purchase and after-purchase service they received in the store / branch.

We recommend Transaction-based survey's as the most superior method of collecting customer feelings. With Transaction-based survey's we make sure that we talk to those customers who have recently had contact with your front-line staff. This way, all data is fresh, and not information from a customer experience that happened months or even years ago.

How will Customer Satisfaction survey benefit your company?

Customer Satisfaction survey helps you to:

  • offer superior service to your customers
  • acquire more new customers
  • make your existing customers loyal
  • generate positive word-of-mouth from increased number of satisfied customers
  • differentiate your company from competitors
  • achieve your targets and increase your sales

What exactly can we do for you?

  • Design the Customer Satisfaction survey tailored to your needs
  • Realize the Customer Satisfaction survey
  • Collect data in agreed upon format and time frame
  • Analyze and evaluate the collected data
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses of your customer service as perceived by your customers
  • Recommend steps leading to improvement of Customer Experience
  • Report the results
  • Monitor progress
  • Measure improvements of Customer Satisfaction
  • Survey your competitors
  • Survey satisfaction of your competitors` customers
  • Support training
  • Facilitate creation of a tailor made training program together with your training agency
  • Recommend potential training agencies

As independent Customer Experience specialists we can talk directly to the customers who have just made the purchase in your branches/stores and ascertain their experience with the service they have received from your sales people.

We will answer many of your questions such as:

  • How are your customers satisfied with the service they received from your sales people?
  • What do your customers think are the strong and weak points of your customer service? What do they think should be improved?
  • Why some customers leave your stores without buying?
  • How satisfied are the customers of your competitors with the customer service?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the physical ambience of your stores, cleanliness, etc? What would they suggest to be improved?

Other surveys

Apart from Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction survey we can prepare and implement a survey tailor made to your specific needs. By talking to your customers who just made or intended to make the purchase in your store we can help you to answer many of your questions such as:

  • How did your customers learn about your store / branch?
  • Do your customers find it easy to find your stores? Have their noticed your outdoor navigation?
  • What is the frequency your customers come to your stores?
  • What are the key purchase criteria for your customers?
  • Are your customers shopping also in competitive stores and why?
  • Are your customers loyal to your brand or do they switch brands often?
  • Why do the customers come to your store? For information and advice or to buy?
  • What percentage of customers who come to your stores actually buy?
  • Why customers who came to your store and were decided to make the purchase did not buy?
  • What percentage of your customers makes impulse purchases?
  • Have the customers noticed and understood your merchandising items in the store?
  • How much time on average customers spend in your stores?
  • How much time do your customers spend waiting for the service / waiting in line?
  • All the questions above and others from the customers of your competitors!
  • Other questions