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Customer Experience consulting

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is an entire experience of a customer with a company's brand as perceived by a customer. The most successful companies have built their superior brands by a holistic approach and have been continuously delivering superior customer experience through

  • communication (advertising, promotion, PR)
  • products/services
  • employees (sales people, service people, etc.)
  • every interaction with customers (verbal, in writing, visual)

Customer Experience Management is a process of strategically managing customers` entire experience with the company` s products and services.
Shopping Experience is an entire experience of a customer associated with making the purchase and represents an integral part of overall Customer Experience. Shopping Experience is delivered by every single front line sales person at every interaction with the customer such as

  • face-to-face (in stores)
  • phone (call centers)
  • email (on the web)

Why is it important to manage Customer Experience?

Companies these days need to manage the Shopping Experience their front line sales personnel are delivering to the customers during all three phases:

  • pre-sales
  • sales process
  • post-sales

Once companies create the Customer Service standards they need to make sure their sales people are delivering these standards in a consistent manner. Geographical and time consistency is important for creating and sustaining the superior Shopping Experience - the effective differentiating factor building the customer loyalty.

Customer Shopping Experience is the key differentiator that will matter more and more in today's commoditizing markets where many companies are offering increasingly similar products and prices. It is important to run effective communication programs and it is important to build brand awareness. Once this attracts the customers it is however absolutely essential to make them coming back and make them loyal - this is where creating and offering a superior Customer Shopping Experience plays its indispensable role in today's business.

What exactly can we do for you?

Apart from Mystery Shopping and Customers Satisfaction & other surveys we can help you to:

  • Review your existing Customer Service standards and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Review relevance of your existing Customer Service standards for your customers
  • Define new Customer Service standards for improving the shopping experience of your customers
  • Create an effective sales pitch, sales scripts for your different customer segments
  • Implement Customer Service and Customer Experience improvement strategy (teams involvement)